Castle Owner
Guild Master
Battle Begins In
2d 20h 18m 2s
Server Information
General Information
Server Version Season 15 Ep. 1-3
Experience 1000x
Drop Rates 50%
Master Experience 1000x
Chaos Machine Rates Official Like
Jewels Rates Official Like
Reset System Disabled
FREEbies Excellent +9 Set Armor and Weapons, Muun, WCoin For Online Hour, Goblin Points from Votes and Events Completion

Party Bonus Experience

Members Experience Rate
Same Character Classes Different Classes
2 Players EXP% + 1.3% EXP% + 1.0%
3 Players EXP% + 1.6% EXP% + 1.7%
4 Players EXP% + 1.9% EXP% + 2.05%
5 Players EXP% + 2.2% EXP% + 2.4%

Custom Commands

/idleon Leave your character to play while your are not connected (Make sure to setup MuHelper properly)
/idleshop Leave your character to sell your items while your are not connected (Make sure to setup Personal Shop properly)
/whisper [on/off] Enable / disable whisper.
/clearpk Clear killer status
/post [message] Sends a message to the whole server.
/gpost [message] Sends a message to the whole server.
/ware Allow to switch wares (Vaults)
/war Propose a War to opponent Guild
/endwar Force stop Guild War Battle
/prop Propose a marry to other player (M/M or F/F Marriage Enabled).
/accept Accept marry proposal.
/teleport Teleports player to your marriage partner.
/divorce Teleports player to divorce it's partner.
/requests [on/off] Enable / disable requests in-game.
/scramble Provide an answer for the Scramble Event


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Server Info

Total Accounts490
Total Characters685
Total Guilds0
Online Users27

Top Level+